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Tiny Home

So we got a call from the amazing Jennifer Bertrand on Sunday night asking if we could pull off decorating a TINY HOME this week for the KC Home Show. Ummm  yes.  NO IDEA how we are going to do it… we have our first big show of the season this week. And 28 other reasons I should say no, but NO is NOT an option.  I LOVE this tiny house and I’m so excited to see how we are going to pull this off!!!

MORE info Right HERE.

BEFORE Pictures……

 Tiny HomeTiny Home Tiny Home

Out shopping like mad women for the TINY HOME we are doing for the KC Home Show. Stopped for burgers + onion rings… and a little beauty tip from Kimberly. Diner napkins are best for blotting the face {and toilet seat covers according to K}. So put that in your hat. 

A peek at the treasures we picked up today for the TINY HOUSE.

Tiny Home

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