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Another Father’s Day Idea – Iron Antler Bottle Opener

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antler bottle opener

Another Father’s Day idea. Iron Antler BOTTLE OPENER. This seems like a no-brainer. Pair it with a six pack of his favorite bottles and you’re GOLDEN.

In the shop & online HERE: http://www.cactuscreekshop.com/antler-bottle-opener.html 

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Oh Daddio – Love these Father’s Day Gifts

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Agate Coasters Father Day Gifts 3

love THESE FOR Father’s Day. 

IN the shop or online HERE: http://www.cactuscreekshop.com/faux-agate-coaster-set.html

OPEN today till 5pm!!#cactuscreek #fathersday #ohdaddio

Agate Coasters Father Day Gifts 2 blog

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Feathers & Fedoras – We’ve Got You Covered

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Feathers and Fedoras 2

Feathers + Fedoras ➳ we’ve got you covered!

Shop online 24/7!
Feather Tank ➳ $38
Feather Garland ➳ $18
Fedora ➳ $18
Vintage Boots ➳ $28
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NO BULL – 20% off Home Decor

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Cow Skull with Gold tips

NO BULL…20% OFF home decor at our flagship store today in Weston. Trailblazers ➳ including this gold horned faux skull; that perfect final touch to your galley wall! 

Shop online 24/7! www.cactuscreekshop.com

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Best Damn Cowhides West of The Mississippi

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Cactus Creek Cowhide Rugs

Best Damn cowhide rugs west of the Mississippi! This weekend we have 3 amazing places to grab one for your decor! 
➳ Junkstock – Waterloo, NE
➳ Flagship Store – Weston, MO
➳ Salvage This – Adele, IA
Be sure …

Where Are You Headed?

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arrow hooks

Where you headed?? Arrow wall hooks in three finishes. Super cute in the mud room or kids’ space.

Link is HERE:http://www.cactuscreekshop.com/crossed-arrow-gold-wall-hook.html 

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What’s Your Cowgirl Name?

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What’s your COWGIRL name?? Curious minds want to know…. #cactuscreek #60secondvideo

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Shiny Beautiful Things – Ivory + Platinum Cowhide Rug

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Ivory Cowhide Rug

If you’re into shiny beautiful things…. this off white cowhide w PLATINUM stamped zebra print is just in. Perfect for a neutral palette that needs a little zing. $400.

Call or text 816-878-2278 +I can ship it today!! 

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What We Learned Today

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What we learned today…
#1. Go to Restoration Emporium this weekend!
#2. Be kind + find solution makers.
#3. Peace out in a deep gravely voice is a little surprising.

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