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I just stumbled upon this website and have a new place on my “I gotta go there” list… Clipper Trading Co. in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s 12,000 square feet of imported Asian antiques, artifacts, furniture, and crafts… check out some of these items on their website that caught my eye.  Many of the items are Asian which is fun to mix with a more traditional rustic look.

Have any of you ever been here??  Is it as wonderful as it looks??

Dining Table

Painted Table

Plantation Chair

Teak Wood Lamp

Antique Saddle

Coffee Table

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3 thoughts on “STORES we Love: Clipper Trading Co. in Savannah, Georgia

  1. Tony V.

    I have been to this store multiple times. The website does not do it justice! The products they have are the most incredible I have ever seen. If you ever get within 100 miles of Savannah you must go to this store.

  2. Jan Blanken

    Thank you very much. My name is Jan Blanken and one of the owners. Am about to finish my trip in Asia. Heavy rains, hot and some places miserable, but I have found another container full of treasures.Of course got sick, but have to get going.

    Jan Blanken

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