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Exactly EIGHT weeks from today ~ at 10 am ~ Marburger Farm will open their gates in Round Top, Texas to hordes of ecstatic shoppers.  Some will be searching for BARGAINS, some for the RARE & UNUSUAL ~ all of them will be seeking treasures to take home and fill their living spaces with character and charm.

Marburger Farm

I am so excited to count myself amongst the ready and waiting.  This year I will be seeking treasures for myself {always}, and also for YOU.  There are clients that need this or that, and possibly an event where I may bring a few things home to the Midwest for those of you that can’t make it to Round Top {watch out for BIG announcements in the coming weeks – wink, wink}.

Tuesday, March 31st will be a FUN and HAPPY day at Marburger Farm. And what tips does Marburger Farm owner, Rick McConn, give for visiting Round Top any time of the year??

Royer's Round Top Cafe“The best thing to do in {Round Top} is drink beer/ wine and eat. Royer’s Café is the bomb – great food and fun atmosphere.  AMEN!!

Kicking around Henkel Square and the old buildings, especially during an event like Civil War reenactments, chili cookoffs etc.

Hanging out at Stone Cellar drinking wine and eating their pizza, which is killer.

Sandwiches at the Round Top Mercantile which is a store that has everything including hardware, feed, wine…

Festival Hill Institute for the concerts and other events they host…

Driving around in the spring to see bluebonnets…”

Indeed. Thanks, Rick!!  See you 3.31!!

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