Round Top Antique Week GUIDE

Round Top Antique Week GUIDE

Welcome to Cactus Creek’s Round Top Antique Week GUIDE. We are by no means experts on Round Top but we sure do LOVE IT & this is our little version of a TRAVEL GUIDE ~ for us and YOU.  Since it is online we will be able to update it with new pictures, tips & more as our Fall & Spring trips to Round Top Antique Week evolve.

Round Top, Texas ~ Then & Now

So what, exactly, is Round Top??  First off it’s a small Texas town, population 77+, located in Fayette County. {half way between Austin and Houston}. Round Top Antique Week, as it is often called, began over thirty years ago in the Round Top Rifle Association Hall, when Miss Emma Lee Turneyand her company, Antiques Productions, were asked to do an Antique Show in a little German town that was quietly being restored, Round Top, Texas.

The show quickly became a social event for Houston socialites as they retreated to charming Round Top every Spring and Fall.  The show was still small but it was the cream of the crop in quality dealers, and had the leaders and financiers of Houston buzzing.  The fresh air and country-style shopping gave the society folk a chance to let down their guard, pick for their beautiful homes, and even guzzle a Shiner or two beneath the shade trees. 

Round Top is no longer ONE SHOW.  Over the years it has become a 10 day event featuring 1000s of merchants spread out over four small towns: Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine and Shelby.   The Round Top Register guessed at one time that there are now about 35 separate shows with at least 2,500 dealers.  Not to mention the surrounding fields, warehouses, and tents covering cow pastures and black tops…  Round Top Antique Week takes place every Fall and Spring, usually the last week of March and the last week of September.  For the dates of the next show click HERE.

Round Top Antique Week

Round Top Texas Map

So where do you start??  Locals, weekend warriors and dealers alike all say that enjoying the town of Round Top is a great way to settle in before you start your shopping spree.  Here are a few of the local venues that make Round Top not just a lovely place to shop ~ but an enchanting way of life for 77+.

Round Top, Texas VENUES:

Dining in Round Top   Henkel Square Museums   International Festival-Institute in Round Top

Round Top Family Library   Shakespeare at Winedale   Winedale Historical Center

Marburger Farm

Marburger Farm Antique Show

If you only have one full day to spend at Round Top Antique Week then Marburger Farm is THE place to be.  Located halfway between Warrenton and Round Top, Marburger Farm is a journey through Parisian flea markets, Western Art exhibits and Country Quilt Bees.  Your creativity will be fueled + your collections will tip with new weight + and your passion for all things vintage will swell larger than ever before!!


Spread through a dozen historical buildings, and 9 large tents, the Marburger Farm Antique Show features almost 400 dealers from North America, Europe, Asia & beyond.

The dealers are enthusiastic and thoughtful, working hard to bring unique items that are sure to delight you.  Not only do the merchants bring QUALITY, they also bring QUANTITY ~ a few of them even fill a semi for their biannual trip to Marburger!!

A favorite for dealers and collectors across the world, Marburger Farm has a long history with the Round Top Antique Week.  First started by Mr. John Sauls in the 1990′s, Marburger quickly grew a reputation as the premiere venue for quality and diversity.  Now family-operated by Margaret Marsh and Ashley Ferguson, Marburger Farm’s future is rooted firmly in the traditions of the past ~ while moving steadily with the trends of the future.

Marburger Farm

Typically Marburger Farm opens Tuesday morning for Early Shopping.  For many, the $25 ticket to attend Early Shopping from 10am till 2pm, is a no-brainer.  Shoppers can even arrive as early as 8 in the morning to park, enjoy breakfast next to Lake Marburger, and wait for the yellow tape to come down at the gate, marking the starting gun of Early Buying.  It’s true that the best of the best is offered, and sold, on Tuesday morning to the die-hard designers * pickers * and shoppers as they fire up the economy in South East Texas. If you can’t make it Tuesday morning then no worries, a $10 ticket will get you through the gates to Marburger beginning at 2pm on Tuesday and lasting through Saturday.  {you only have to buy the $10 ticket once as it is good for all 5 days of the show}

Marburger Farm

Marburger Farmis not only the place to be for buying matchless home decor, it is also a place to be seen {and to see} the society folks of Houston & Austin as they work their high heel western boots and short denim skirts, sassy cowgirl clothing they would never wear to PTA meetings, but they MAKE IT WORK at Marburger!!  As a Texas girl myself I love to see a gal who can make Gucci sandals & a cowgirl hat, Shiner Bock in one hand, and a shopping basket in the other, all make sense in a Texas cow pasture!!


Round Top Antique Week is a culmination of many shows that take place in and around Round Top, TX .  Once you’ve had dinner & spirits in Round Top, and have spent some time at Marburger Farm, the next “must see” venue is definitely Warrenton, home of Zapp Hall, the Junk Gypsies, and more junk antiques that you cannot live without!!

Like Round Top, Warrenton is another small Texas town {population 65+ } that swells to THOUSANDS during Antique Week.  Over 30 shopping venues blend and cross-market to make Warrenton a great way to spend a day shopping.
{TIP: Park at the Young Life Parking Lot and WALK.  Traffic is insane and you will save yourself LOTS of aggravation by sporting some comfy sneakers, a wheeled shopping cart, and leaving your wheels behind!!}

Granny McCormick's Yard
First stop when we arrive in Warrenton: Granny McCormick’s Yard. We park behind here in the Young Life Parking Lot {Young Life is an awesome organization where I’ll pay $5 all day long to park}, and then walk past the Coffee Bug and directly through several great vendors on your way into Granny McCormick’s.

Coffee Bug Granny McCormick's Yard

From Granny McCormick’s we always cross the road and head directly to check out the Junk Gypsies. There are TONS of vendors to see in Warrenton but the most famous of them all is the Junk Gypsies {BELOW}.  Known for their vibrant brand, “Pedal to the Metal” mantra, and true Texas spirit, this is a stop that you CANNOT MISS!!!

Junk Gypsy tee

Located right on Highway 237 as you make your way into Warrenton, the Junk Gypsies’ famous pink Suburban {“Large Marge”} greets the crowd and let’s you know that you’ve made it to the pinnacle of Junkiness!! I could go on and on about the fabulous goods that can be found in the Junk Gypsies’ booth ~ tees, boots, peely-paint, iron, velvet, belt buckles… But you’ve really GOT to see it for yourself!!

Junk Gypsy

Topping it all off is the Junk-O-Rama PROM which is hosted by the beautiful Gypsies and is LOADS of fun!!  This is THE place to be on Thursday night!!

the Junk Gypsies

Zapp Hall

NEXT, before working your way through the rest of Warrenton, swing through ZAPP HALL where there are several merchants who will make you go ga-ga.  This is also another chance to grab some of Bud Royer’s famous grub {the chunky chicken salad is to die for!!} and, of course, a cold beer.

Cole's Antique Show

After walking through the rest of Sommerfeld Field and the Bar W Field in Warrenton, Cole’s Antique Show {ABOVE} is the place to retreat next.  200 vendors ~ 63,000 square feet ~ A/C ~ indoor restroom.  Not only was this a comfortable way to spend the afternoon, we also find TONS of treasures!!

Cole's Antique Show Treasures

HOW TO GET THERE + Where to Stay??

For YEARS I dreamed about going to Round Top Antique Week but it seemed so far away – I had no idea how to get there or where to stay.  It was daunting.  Then one day I decided to go.  So I did the next week.  We stayed in a crummy motel an hour away.  But it was worth it.  Then I realized that there was no need to stay so far away + the drive was beautiful + who doesn’t need a ROAD TRIP??

Whether you are reading this six months in advance or six hours in advance, you have time to plan where to stay.  Most hotels are booked a year in advance but people ALWAYS CANCEL.  Just call around & find a room – I prefer to stay in La Grange which is just 15 minutes away from the heart of Antique Week – but that’s just because I’ve always stayed there & it’s easy.  La Grange motels are HERE.

You can also visit the Round Top, Texas Chamber website right HERE - follow the link for “LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY??” and you’ll find a place.  I promise.

As you plan your own trip to Round Top Antique Week you’ll want to use our Round Top GUIDE, and also these websites for reference…

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