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Can you hear the BUZZ????  It’s all I’ve done this morning… chat about Round Top antique week, discussed hotel arrangements, planned dinners out, and even looked at some wicked ideas for Junk Gypsy Prom attire.  So what’s all the fuss about??  Well, if you are unfamiliar with Round Top Antique Week here’s the deal…

Marburger FarmRound Top is a small Texas town, population 77+, located in Fayette County. ONE hour East of Austin, an ONE 1/2 hours West of Houston, and FOUR hours south of Dallas. The Round Top Antique Week, as it is often called, began over thirty years ago in the Round Top Rifle Association Hall, when Miss Emma Lee Turney and her company, Antiques Productions, were asked to do an Antique Show. Round Top is no longer ONE SHOW. Over the years it has become a 10 day event featuring 1000s of merchants spread out over four small towns: Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine and Shelby. The Round Top Register guesses that there are now about 35 separate shows with at least 2,500 dealers. Not to mention the surrounding fields, warehouses, and tents covering cow pastures and black tops… Round Top Antique Week takes place every Fall and Spring with the next show beginning WEDNESDAY, September 23rd, 2009 and running till October 4th, 2009!!

The past couple of shows we have done a Round Top Countdown asking some of our favorite vendors {and shoppers}what they love about Round Top so we here we go again with this year’s Round Top Antique Week Count Down, starting with one of our favorite bloggers, Theresa from Garden Antqs Vintage.

Fancy & Theresa

Cactus: When was the first time you attended Round Top Antique Week as a shopper and/or as a dealer??

Theresa: “Oh this is a fun question because I remember it so vividly. It was a very cold and rainy Spring show. We went totally unprepared not realizing not only how many vendors were there but how cold it could turn so quickly. So, we went totally unprepared for the rain or cold. I wish you could have seen us, my husband had to loan me his top shirt just so that I could stay warm and all he had on was a long sleeved shirt. We just about froze but we kept shopping.”

Garden Antqs Vintage

Cactus: How do you prepare for Round Top??

Theresa: “I guess I prepare all year from one show to another. I’m constantly buying and I am a last minute packer, so I’m usually burning the midnight oil to get it all packed and ready. I’ve also started making lists of what to bring and I’m trying to be more organized as well as posting helpful tips on my blog for those first timers.”

Garden Antqs Vintage

Cactus: What is your advice to shoppers??

Theresa: “There is no way to explain the magnitude of just how big this show is. I’ve posted show maps in the past because you can walk for miles and shop and yet you can drive for miles and shop from one town to another. Come prepared for the Texas weather, it’ll be hot one day and cold the next and dress in layers. Bring comfortable shoes, now is not the time to break in your new high healed shoes. You may even consider rain boots, it can get very muddy here. Bring snacks, water and a shopping cart that’s hopefully lined so your things don’t fall out and bring smaller bags to pack things in.”

Garden Antqs Vintage

Cactus: What is the one thing first timers should NOT miss at Round Top Antique Week??

Theresa: “My blog party at Zapp Hall (which this year it will be in the evening at 6pm on Sunday, Sept. 27)!! It will give you the chance to meet other bloggers and network and make new friends. But, if you can’t come out to it, there are so many other great parties to attend. The Clutter Opening Day party starts at 4pm, Sept. 25, on Sat. Sept 26 The Leftover’s Antique Shop usually hosts a party and of course the Junk Gypsy Prom on Oct. 1st is a must attend event if you’ve never been.”

Thanks, Theresa!! Sooo going to try to make to Texas in time for your Blog Party… till then, BIG Junk Love!! xo,fancy

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