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Burlap Curtain

Wide weave burlap from Cactus Creek has been a popular item for several years and our customers keep coming up with more and more brilliant ways to make it work!!

The window treatments {above} from Brenda are both rich and organic in her barn home.

burlap 3

The wide weave burlap is used on a front porch {above} at Farmfare to minimize the sun and also protect the front porch swing from sudden gusts.

Burlap Lamp Shade

This DIY Burlap Lampshade idea is on our blog right HERE.  By using the Cactus Creek Wide Weave Burlap we have created a lamp shade that is both boho and rustic – letting light infuse a big space rather than limiting it with a dark shade.

Wine Bottle Hostess Gift

Wine is a favorite party favor gift here at Cactus Creek and wrapping it with a scrap of our wide weave burlap and a pretty bow is an easy way to say thank you to your hostess + family.

Burlap Table Runner

Burlap table runners are a beautiful way to finish off a tablescape, for your home or a party, and especially a wedding!!  We have sold many bundles of our Cactus Creek Wide Weave Burlap to be used as a table runner or table cloth for big parties and weddings!!

 The ideas don’t stop here… people have used the burlap from Cactus Creek for:

– Man Cave wall covering
- Retail merchandising
- Costumes
- Potted plant liners
- Photography sets

What’s your creative use for Cactus Creek’s Wide Weave burlap??  Leave a comment or shoot us a pic at 816.878.2278 so we can share it with our fellow Cactus Creek Trailblazers!!

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