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For the last few years I have been a part of the Junk in My Trunk Radio Show {a.k.a – JUNK MAFIA}, a local AM radio show based in Kansas City where we talk about junkin’ + thriftin’ + spendin’ with moms & pops. I co-host the show with two guys, Darren and Ed.

darren fancy smith junk mafia
{Darren + Fancy + Ed ~ Junk Mafia at Marburger Farm Antique Show in Texas}

Last fall we were doing our bi-annual Junk Radio Show during Round Top Antique Week when Darren and I had the opportunity to audition for a Reality TV Game Show called  PICKED OFF, which aired this summer on the History Channel and is also running on Lifetime Television.

darren fancy smith junk mafia
{that’s US, on TV, wha whaaat!!}

The whole experience was so much fun & even though we got PICKED OFF before our time, it was worth every minute!!

Official PRESS RELEASE below……..

Amateur pickers compete for a $10,000 prize in a new competition series judged by renowned antique experts Todd and Ethan Merrill and hosted by Keith Neubert

New York, NY – Thanks to HISTORY’s hit series American Pickers, people are discovering that hunting for collectibles is an exciting pastime – and one that can potentially bring in the big bucks. Now, HISTORY and the producers of American Pickers are giving amateur antiquers a chance to pick their way toward a giant cash prize in PICKED OFF, a new six-part competition series premiering Wednesday, July 11 at 10pm ET on HISTORY,

In PICKED OFF, weekend pickers go head-to-head in a series of elimination challenges to find items they think will fetch top market value. Four teams begin with $100 each to spend on one item…and the clock is ticking. Teams dig through barns and meet interesting characters all in pursuit of the perfect pick.

It takes more than knowledge and a good eye to win this competition. Teams will need to be just as strategic as the pro pickers – and just as tough at hardcore negotiating – if they’re going to out-wheel and out-deal their opponents.

The pressure is on as they hunt for treasure and race back to the Dealers’ Room, where judges Todd and Ethan Merrill put a retail value on each item. The team whose item brings in the lowest appraisal gets “Picked off” and goes home. The remaining teams Go On to the next challenge – this time with their “profit” from the first challenge. In the third and final challenge, the two remaining teams compete for a winner-take-all $10,000 grand prize.

Every episode of PICKED OFF takes place in a different locale, and the challenges reflect the culture and history of each. The Merrill brothers are third generation dealers and highly respected in the antiques world. They offer fascinating facts about the items and their value along with useful information about the teams’ picking strategies. The host is former NFL player / actor Keith Neubert.