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Last week I came upon A Cup of Jo who had breaking news that Domino Magazine is shutting their doors.  I was so sad to hear this news.  Domino doesn’t exactly fit into the Rustic * Western * Vintage genre we LOVE, but it has offered fresh, off beat ideas that {with a little imagination} translate into any style of home.  Domino has also dished up some dandy images that infuse rustic fabrics & landscape-inspired art into more modern spaces {BELOW}.

Domino Magazine

Even more heart wrenching are the other mags that have printed their final issues over the last few months…

And, BRACE YOURSELVES for this one: Country Home is also closing their doors.  Do you hear my sobs??  I can’t imagine life without images like this…

Country Home Magazine

Peace out old friends, your yellowed pages will forever fill the boxes in my basement… Fancy

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5 thoughts on “NEWS: Magazines CLOSING

  1. Kelsey

    I was crushed to hear about Country Home as well! I can’t believe Domino too! I thought Domino was doing so well! I think April is the last issue for Country Home. So sad!

  2. Pony Girl Rides Again

    I heard about Country Home & Cottage Living, but not Domino. Is Country Living going to make it?? I hope so, there isn’t anything else country out there, that is any good!

  3. Fancy Post author

    Jane’s Blog {], which I have followed on Country is fading, but I believe {desperately hope} that CL will continue to SHINE. I guess it is going to be up to the bloggers for a while… which means you need to send me pics, girls!! Show off your casas & lets keep Rustic * Western * Vintage style evolving!!!

  4. Fancy Post author

    My friend KT just told me that Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine has also folded. I’m not familiar with this mag, but I know that it is the BOMB for a lot of girls that I know, all of whom have fabulous STYLE.

  5. Fancy Post author

    There’s MORE…

    I just read that Shabby Chic has filed Chapter 11. Geez ~ time to hunker down and FOCUS. One day, one penny at a time. If you are still standing at the end you will prosper. May God be with us all.

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