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I received a note from a reader who built a log home on his great Grandfather’s farm.  He said that he has a collection of Bev Doolittle’s Indian paintings and also studies Indian culture.  He would like to furnish his home with “Indian furniture, lights, paintings, etc.”  Could we make some suggestions??  Absolutely…

Native American Indian Decor GUIDE

The most difficult part about decorating with a Native American style is the BUDGET.  Authentic Native American decor {new or vintage} is very expensive.  Each peice is an investment in a vital culture, a connection with American history that we grow further away from with each passing day.  If you can save on a few items in order to buy at least one authentic peice then you will be glad in the long run.  And, you can always replace and add to it as you live in your space, and uncover new treasures.

In the March 2009 issue of Cowboys & Indians
there was an Open Range story about Richard and Deborah Wadsack and their business, COWBOYS & IMAGES. Also recently featured in True West Magazine, the Wadsack’s online business features a colorful selection of Native American prints and images that are available as Custom Art Prints.

Chief High Pipe from Cowboys & Images

** True to it’s name, COWBOY & IMAGES also offers a beautiful collection of images featuring Cowboys, Cowgirls, Rodeo and the Wild West Shows, just to name a few.
Click HERE to visit their Native American collection.
{There is also a 
Vintage Originals section if this is
where you want to purchase your investment piece!!}

A Native American rug is the quintessential requirement of a room decked out in Indian decor.  Garland’s Rugs has an exceptional assortment of both NEW and VINTAGE authentic Native American rugs.  You can use these on the floor, or hang them on the wall.

Pueblo Rug

If, however, your home is filled with little people {my 3 boys & a new puppy would have no regard for the beauty of an authentic Navajo Rug}, then this is a point where you can spend less money and still have your rug be a part of your Native American style.  Click HERE to find the rug {ABOVE} for only $450!!



While in Vegas for Cowboy Christmas this past December I met Ernie Apodaca of Northwest Native Designs.  A Blackfeet Indian, Ernie is influenced daily by his heritage.  The result is spectacular, hand crafted furniture that is not only comfortable, it is full of a rich heritage.  {Look for an upcoming feature story all about Ernie and his fabulous furniture.}

Leather Chair from Northwest Native Designs



I am an adoring fan of Andy Sanchez and his son Aaron, who works as his partner.  Their detailed furniture, marked with rivers of turquoise and puddles of marble, is hand crafted, piece by piece, by Andy and Aaron ~ each design finished with it’s own unique story making their furniture truly one of a kind.  The coffee table {BELOW} is one of my favorites as it doubles as a large shadow box that allows you to show off your treasures…

Coffee Table from Andy & Aaron Sanchez

For our Native theme, this is the ideal place to display Native American RELICS & ARTIFACTS.



RELICS {aka ARTIFACTS} contribute a great deal of character to a room that is decorated in a Native American style.  When you purchase authentic items they will only appreciate in value.  The Relic Shack offers an enormous, well organized, collection of Indian Artifacts, including the Moccasins and Arrowhead {BELOW}.

Indian Moccasins



Many people who are drawn to Native American art and history use COLLECTIONS to continually fuel their desire to learn more about the history of Indian culture, along with keeping updated on the rising stars that still practice the art of their ancestors.

Native American Indian Pottery

For many people their COLLECTIONS are centered on Native American Indian Pottery.  Their collection may start with a small piece by a little known artist, then they slowly graduate to advanced pieces done by more influential potters. Traditional Pueblo Arts is an excellent source for learning more about Indian Pottery and choosing the right pieces for your collection.

Every room needs a statement piece, for the Native American-inspired room a Headdress is definitely going to set the tone of room.  This Double Trailer Headdress from Indian Territory is over 6 1/2 feet tall and hand crafted with stunning precision to detail.  {These folks were also in Vegas… Wow!! Truly breathtaking.}

Double Trailer Headdress



Another of my favorite sources for Native American Arts & Crafts is the Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Gallery located in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Here they honor, support and promote native artists like Evans Flammond, Sr. who painted the Buffalo Robe {BELOW} Buffalo Robes are another excellent way to invest in the future of the Native people while also adding something special to your Indian decor.

Buffalo Robe



At the beginning of this guide I mentioned the reader who had first inquired about ideas for Native American decorating.  In his note he mentioned LIGHTS so I felt obliged to include a few options…

Native American Indian ~ LampNative American Indian ~ ChandelierNative American Indian ~ Chandelier

Native American Indian ~ ChandelierNative American Indian ~ ChandelierNative American Indian ~ Chandelier


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