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Animal Mounts ~ Trophies ~ Taxidermy GUIDE

A must-have for Rustic * Western Interiors has always been the Animal MOUNT {aka: Taxidermy, Animal TROPHY}.  While the Animal Mount makes the design concept of “bringing the outdoors in” completely authentic, it definitely makes some of you feel kinda’ creepy.  For some people, dead animals hanging on a wall seems weird {go figure!!} ~ for others it is a way to express our pioneer spirit through our home decor

A solid list of sources for Mounts has been requested by enough of you that I was obliged to put this together.  To keep it fresh I have primarily listed “interpretations” of Animal Mounts.  For the realists: there are a couple of sources for you as well… 

Wall Bull Sculpture
Just one of the “Moooving” sculptures available at UncommonGoods, this Wall Bull Sculpturewould make a statement in any space ~ I would love to put it on a wall in a big downtown loft, and also think it would look great in the Family Room at a farm house.  Love it!!

Carved Wooden Deer Head
This wooden deer head, available at the Curiosity Shoppe, has made it into every major home design publication in the country.  That proves how adaptive rustic design can be, fitting in everywhere from Dwell to Traditional Home.

Hand-carved Deer Head from the Curiosity Shoppe


Modern Moose Head
A very artistic and interpretive Modern Moose Head from Generate Design.  They also offer a Deer Head, and additional color options {natural, white & gold}.  Very glam…

Modern Moose Head

Colorful Deer with Flowers
Stray Dog Designs offers many papier mache creatures {inlcuding Ferdinand the Bull, a Fish, Pagan Goat and Peace Antelope}, plus this delightful Deer with Flowers.  Even more fabulous, all of these critters are available in white, violet, sky, sea blue, chartreuse, candy brown, douglas fir, jackson tan, gold, pumpkin - wait, there’s moreaqua, pink, vienna and yorktowne green.

Deer with Flowers

Hand Made Wilderness Project
Love the colorful option of adding animal POP to your space??  Then you will love these deer from Jennifer Khoshbin’s Etsy shop, Ruby’s LoungeThe deer are part of Jennifer’s Wilderness Project in which she uses papier mache and decoupage on resin cast heads to create these art pieces that are inpired by nature. Many patterns, and custom orders, are available!!

Chrysanthemum - Handmade Deer

Aluminum Longhorn Wall Mount
As a native Texan I have always had an affinity for the Texas Longhorn {the animal, not the team!!}. This aluminum interpretation from UMA is a bright twist to an old favorite!!

Aluminum Longhorn Wall Mount

Alabaster Stag
A sweet option ~ perfect for an entryway or kitchen ~ is the Alabaster Stag from Trace Elements.  These guys are in high demand so order yours today!!

Alabaster Stag

Trophy Lamp
I have saved my favorite faux deer for last…  This Trophy Lamp by Isabelle Rolland would look amazing on a log wall in a modern ski chalet.  Available from Unica Home, the Trophy Lamp is quite pricey but would definitely light up your room for years to come!! 

Trophy Lamp by Isabelle Rolland

Elk Head
For those of you who aren’t spooked by the real deal, let me introduce you to WildlifeFurs.comThey offer real, new taxidermy mounts that are perfect for your Rustic Lodge Decor.  In addition to Elk they also offer Moose, Bear and Wolf mounts, and even Bear Rugs!!  These are definitely the folks to contact if a new animal mount is on your wish list!!

Elk Mount

Longhorn Mount
We are a family that loves the real thing and a Longhorn Mount, similiar to this one, is what we have chosen for the BIG WALL in our house.  The kids have named her “Tootsie” and it is not uncommon for them to say “Good night, Tootsie” as they head past her on their way to bed.  She adds character to our home and makes a fine pet {no feed bills, pet bills, or taking her out to potty}.  To have your very own Longhorn Mount head HERE.

Longhorn Mount


I’m out the door this morning to set up our table for Tablescapes…  Check in later this week for lots of pictures full of creative ideas for your next table-top!! xoxo, Fancy

Click HERE for more sources for decorating your WALLS

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