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So if you are headed to Round Top Antique Week you are probably wondering what the legendary Junk Gypsy Junk-O-Rama prom is all about… 

The Junk Gypsy Company is a group of women who are critical characters in the Round Top story… You see, in addition to the piles of antiques, flea market frenzy and plethora of food an drink there is also a legendary PARTY during Round Top Antique Week, held by the ladies themselves, the JUNK GYPSY JUNK-O-RAMA prom.


Every spring and fall during Round Top Antique Week, in the tiny town of Warrenton, Texas, there is a little shin dig called the JUNK GYPSY JUNK-O-RAMA prom. For anteekers, junkers and lovers of all things Junk Gypsy, prom is like a royal ball… everyone gets all gussied up, spit~shines their boots & gathers for a night of rip roaring fun. If you’ve not been before then GO, even if you only go once it’ll be an event you won’t soon forget… adults dressed up in all of their finery, sipping on champagne & brewskies, dancing, laughing and getting giddy, all in a cow pasture surrounded by miles of heirlooms and antiquities.


One SERIOUS question arises when discussing prom, What exactly does one wear?? SERIOUS in the way that you prepared for your own high school prom… Do you remember how important it was to get just the right dress, have your hair done just so and by golly, the boy had better bring me a pretty corsage!! As adults we’re not usually so fussy but still, JUNK GYPSY JUNK-O-RAMA prom is your opportunity, as a grown up, to be anyone you want to be for one spectacular night.


My gal pal Michele, aka the Prairie Jeweler, and I have spent many late nights sending one another pictures & ideas to create an album of what~to~wear IDEAS, most of which I’ve posted here, along with pictures from JUNK GYPSY JUNK-O-RAMA prom of years past.


Along the way I thought I’d ask Jolie & Amie {2/3 of the Junk Gypsy team} a little history about how JUNK GYPSY JUNK-O-RAMA prom got started ~ here is what they had to say…

“What started as a simple ode to the forgotten prom dress magically took a life of its own one night at the fleamarket. Junk-o-Rama Prom has become a cultural crossroads of sights and sounds and people, and, we firmly believe, the happiest place on earth for one breath-taking evening in Texas. Under the big ol’ southern stars you will find a celebration for all ages and all walks of life, an evening where everyone truly is somebody!



{ABOVE LEFT: her shirt says ‘felt up ‘n knocked up’ hehe… TOO funny!!}

During the antiques show several years ago, we noticed the forgotten glory and beauty of a pile of vintage prom dresses and decided to pay tribute by hosting our own little JuNK-O-RaMA Prom a few nights later. We scavenged the grounds, scooped up vintage dresses throughout the week and all played dress-up under the stars that one night. There were a handful of customers and several junkers (aka – vendors) …we drank sangria, took silly pictures, practically danced holes in our boots, had lots of laughs and were completely oblivious to the fact that JuNK-O-RaMA prom would soon become a legendary twice yearly event.



It is now much larger than a ‘handful of folks’… nowadays you probably couldn’t stir ‘em with a stick! It’s a magical evening… complete with a makeshift stage for the band, made out of our latest, greatest fleamarket finds, a million and one twinkling Christmas lights, and glittery chandeliers hanging out of the trees near our tent in this Texas cow pasture. And another must-see is the old outhouse turned photo booth! It has been retrofitted with posh, tattered velvet cushions, old oil paintings and its own little chandelier making it the most happening outhouse on the planet!

So this evening that culminated out of not much more than a pile of dusty old prom dresses and our desire to just have fun, has become something that we are just happy to be a part of! So for as long as we can . . . we are just gonna be along for the ride and see where JuNk-o-RAmA Prom takes us on its magic carpet ride through the flea market!”




thanks Prairie Jeweler for all of your help putting this together!! and BIG thanks to the Junk Gypsies for PROM, can’t wait to see what y’all are wearin’… xo,fancy

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  1. Debbie York

    Just remind ‘em that when spit shining those boots…make sure it’s not with Copenhagen! See you there!

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