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Before you read this go to your nearest junk drawer, glove compartment or garage bin and grab all of the old keys that you can find.

“No, you don’t know what they go to. No, you’ll never figure it out. No, no one else cares enough to try and go through every one of your keys and see if one them happens to open the door to your storage shed and steal your lawn mower.” 

They’re old keys and they’re cool ~ release them from captivity and get creative.

Key Lamp

This lamp is about as creative as it gets.  Image is from Ready Made Magazine.  Click HERE for the DIY instructions.

Enamel Flower Statement Necklace
Enamel Flower Statement Necklace available from Bionic Unicorn on ETSY.

There is A LOT of jewelry out there using keys… I thought that this necklace {which also uses vintage enamel pins} was one of the prettiest that I came across.  I also like the simplicity of the necklace below… give someone the key to your heart.

Brown Skeleton Key Necklace
Brown Skeleton Key Necklace from

 Key Frame
Key Frame from Mirror Mirror on ETSY

How cute would this be for a new driver or maybe for Father’s Day??

Framed Key
Framed Key from Restoration Hardware, $199

At the Cactus Creek Store we sell brass skeleton keys like this one for $2.50.  {Call me at 816.878.2278 & I can mail them to you!!}
Hobby Lobby sells frames like this for $20 to $60.  You do the math.

Key for Hope
Donate keys to Keys for Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to imporving the lives of others and reducing the impact of poverty.

Recycle Keys

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