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I cannot remember to take my recycle shopping bags into the grocery store.  Can. not. remember.  With that confession I will tell you that there DOZENS of plastic grocery bags in a drawer in our kitchen.  I use them for various little jobs around the house, occasionally for lunch bags when a boy forgets his lunch box, or laid under painting projects {especially handy for cleaning up after finger painting!!}, but now I learn that there is a way to make these plastic bags into fabric??  Yarn actually, which is where the name comes from, Plastic Grocery Bag + Yarn = PLARN

 Plarn Bag

Apparently making PLARN is easy… a tutorial is included in the link ABOVE.  The instructions include the words “finesse” and “crochet hook”, both of which take me out of this DIY project ~ but you should try it and tell us how it works for you.  There are lots & lots of things you can make with the PLARN once you’ve made the yarn/plarn material.

Plarn Rug
Plarn Rug from Screaming Chee Toes on ETSY


Plarn Handbag
Plarn Bag from


Plarn Pillow
White Plarn Pillow


Plarn Amigurumi Buddies
Plarn Amigurumi Buddies from


Plarn Rug
Plarn Checkerboard Rug from Talking Crochet


Plarn Clothing
and the pièce de résistance…
Plastic Grocery Bags into Knit 1950′s Outift.
WOW.  Image via Blogher via Craft via Cathy Kasdan

 This will be the folk art of the new millennium… our grandchildren will have no concept of plastic shopping bags, but these crafts will live on once we’re gone. Forever.  Better that they live on in as kitschy tote bag or stuffed animal than in the landfills!! 

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