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Tasha Polizzi is a home and fashion designer based on the North coast in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  With career roots that go back to the iconic Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic, Tasha’s sense of American Style is spot on.  Part of what sets Tasha Polizzi apart is having her finger on the pulse of trends in nearby New York City, and everything that is happening in the mainstream world of fashion.  But it is her commitment to a style that includes Soft WESTERN * HIP Vintage * and a Rock Star vibe that have made her a regarded designer in the Western, Rustic and Americana marketplace.

Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: Tell me about your background in the fashion industry.

TASHA: I am originally from Pittsburgh and was doing some local modeling. Geofrey Beane was doing a trunk show in Pittsburgh and I was one of his models…long story short, he invited me to come to New York and work for him as his showroom model. From there I expanded my career and modeled for many of the top American and European designers doing print, runway and fit, until I was offered a position on Ralph Lauren’s design team. I became head of Women’s design within some period of time and spent over nine years at Polo. I then had a similar position with Calvin Klein for two years and spent some time at the Gap heading the Women’s design team in the Banana Repulic division for Mickey Drexler, before starting my own business. 

Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: How did working for Ralph Lauren influence your style?

TASHA: Ralph is, in my opinion, the most creative and brilliant American designer. His vision is incredible and his sense of style is amazing. Having modeled for Ralph, I was somewhat familiar with his work, so, the transition to his design team, for me, was not as difficult. I shared his enthusiasm for good design and quality garments that were classic, comfortable and fit well. He was also a great teacher and anyone who has ever spent time with him or worked with him cannot help but be influenced by his vision and creativity.

 Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: How did you come to design your own line?

TASHA: It was only a natural transition for me to have my own business and the freedom to follow my own instincts..


CACTUS: How would you describe the Tasha Polizzi brand?

TASHA: Comfortable, classic, casual, somewhat elegant weekend and country lifestyle…….


CACTUS: What inspires your lines?

TASHA: Everything… films, magazines.

 Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: Many designers in the Western * Rustic marketplace are based in Texas or the Southwest. How does living in the North give you a different perspective on this style?

TASHA: In a way it gives us an advantage as we are constantly in New York looking at fabric, trim and following what is current in the market. We also don’t view our collections as only “Western” but more a weekend lifestyle that works on the range, in the mountains or at the beach.

 Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: Do you think that “Western Americana” is going more mainstream??

TASHA: Western Americana will always be popular as it, along with jazz, is the true American form. It will trend in and out, but for the most part remain popular. Every American kid wanted to be a cowgirl or cowboy at one time or another…and many still do. Yes, I see Western as continuing to grow in popularity.


CACTUS: You went to the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, what did you look for when you were there shopping?

TASHA: Always looking for fabrics, old leather garments, prints, jewelery, and anything that might translate into an item or collection.


CACTUS: What kind of personal collections do you have?

TASHA: My husband and I have been collecting native American weavings, baskets, jewelery, primitive American furniture and country items. I also have a very extensive library of garments, hand bags, small leather, accessories, fabrics and prints.

Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: What kind of trends do you see on the horizon?

TASHA: Fringe remains strong… Boho getting more sophisticated…. Women can’t get enough faux fur.


CACTUS: What trends are you glad to see go?

TASHA: Hula Hoops!


CACTUS: What’s next for your business?

TASHA: We are expanding our business into more leather accessories and lifestyle items for the home. We are also now exporting to markets in Japan and Europe.

 Tasha Polizzi

CACTUS: If somebody is interested in purchasing Tasha Polizzi for their closets, home, or carrying the lines in their store, how should they contact you?

TASHA: Although we have one small store in the Berkshires of Massachussetts, we try to direct all inquiries to one of our retail accounts or catalogs. Our website at is geared to the wholesale market, but anyone can get contact information by a visit here. Prospective retailers can also get information about our showrooms (Dallas, Denver, New York, Great Barrington) or market schedule by visiting our website.

All of these images are from Tasha Polizzi’s Fall 10 Line so keep your eye on your local stores and websites.  There are some gorgeous designs in this collection ~ can’t wait to see them in person!!!!! 

Thanks Tasha & John… xo,fancy

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  1. Melissa Benge

    Tasha Polizzi is truly a gem in the fashion industry. Her talent not only lies in her impeccable style and ability to design, but in producing garments and home decor that is beautiful, timeless and still affordable for customers who enjoy both fashion and value! It’s all in the details…her colors are so right on…the fringe…the beading…the silhouettes. We love Tasha and her whole team and are proud to offer her products at Gunslinger of Bandera! Just love wearin’ Tasha!


  2. Shireen Jackson

    Great article about my absolute favorite designer!
    TASHA POLIZZI available at JACKSONS LADIES FASHIONS (Facebook), 2418 W. Ave. N (across from Angelo state University), San Angelo, TX. Phone 325-944-2511. Open 9:30-6 Mon-Sat.

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