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I’ve had this image tucked away for years and thought it would be a good one for a little mid-week INSPIRATION… 

 INSPIRATION: Fancy Cowhide Chair

This is “Elegant Cowboy” at its finest ~ a rich look for a home office, reading nook, or entry way.  You can do it, too ~ here are a few places to get started…


 Steer Skull
Steer Skull
Available HERE from Jernigan’s Taxidermy
Let’s start with the Longhorn skull… a must have for any space decked out in Western decor.  If nothing else then you need at least one hanging on your fence post.


Mica Table Lamp
Mica Lamp available HERE

Classic in style, this Mica Lamp Shade will cast an amber glow on your room, giving your space soothing low light.


Cowhide Chair
Cowhide Chair
Available HERE from Thomaston Furniture
I was able to find a chair just like the INSPIRATION chair, but this is also a good idea of how one could re-upholster an antique store treasure…


Pioneer Anter Pull
Pioneer Antler Pull
Available HERE from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor
Another great way to transform your flea market finds.  The INSPIRATION image features a simple bookcase with Antler Pulls that give it a Rustic edge… you could add these pulls to any plain & simple piece of furniture for an easy transformation from
hum~drum to yee~haw!!


Two Grey Hills Rug
Two Grey Hills Rug
Available HERE from Garland’s Navajo Rugs
This is an original, folks, and an absolute beauty… If you can afford it then go for it!!  For those of us who are looking for something more affordable, head HERE.

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