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Soft industrial, vintage, chippy, peely, muted beauty… these are just a few of the ways to describe Judy Hill’s distinct style.  From her new line of white on white bedding, to her phenomenal decorating skills, there is only one place I would like to be this Thursday, June 10th, 2010 ~ and that’s at Judy Hill’s twice yearly home show in Kilgore, Texas.  This is a one day deal, folks so don’t dawdle ~ hurry on up & get the nitty gritty details on her website right HERE

J Hill Designs

I realllly want to be hitting the road & heading to Texas for this event, but alas, reality has a tight grip on me right now and skipping town isn’t an option ~ sooo, when you get to Judy Hill’s Home Show I need you to do a few things for me.  First, give little Judy a great big hug from me ’cause I think the world of her & want to give her all my love.  Second, take a zillion pictures & send them my way, please???  Lastly, have a ball ~ find a treasure & be filled with INSPIRATION!!

Judy’s website is HERE.  Call her at 913.984.1487 for more information about the Home Show.  Tell her I sent you… xoxo,fancy

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J Hill Designs

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One thought on “HOWDY Texas!! You need to be at Judy Hill’s this Thursday, June 10th!!

  1. Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

    Fancy, I’ll be there and will tell Judy you wish you could be there. I too wish you were coming, it’s always such a treasure to get to go to her home shows. I’ll have lots of pics of it, so please check back.

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