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Well, it’s nearly here…  I’m tired of the count down and really, really ready for Christmas morning.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good one… the boys are anxious for Santa’s arrival, I pulled some favors & scored some surprises, plus there is rumor of a WHITE CHRISTMAS here in Weston MO. 

So now to the GIFT WRAPPING… let me tell you that I am not a good wrapper, I stick with newspaper & tags and leave the fancy-schmancy stuff for the experts.  But those experts have some realllly good ideas that even I could pull off ~~ check ‘em out.  Holler if you have any ideas of your own!! 

Gift Wrapping
A great way to Re-LOVE your Vintage Pins
from Real Simple



Gift Wrapping
Maps as GIFT WRAP from Design*Sponge



Gift Wrapping
All you need here is some white butcher paper, a little burlap & a glitter ornament or decoration.  So easy and sooo pretty… this link from also offers a tutorial for some other gift wrapping ideas.



Cloth Gift Wrapping
Just one of Martha Stewart’s 45 WRAPPING IDEAS.  Use cloth ~ a bandana, scarf, rice bag, fabric scraps… you name it.  Just a few safety pins, a nifty tie & a pretty bow can make your gift all tied up, pretty as can be.


Gift Wrapping
These images from Calla Magazine are ideas for using Kraft paper which I have used in the past.  They suggest krinkling it up, then ironing it back out with your hands for a textured look.  I LOVE IT!! 


Gift Wrapping
Wallpaper as Gift Wrap from Bugs and Fishes.  Another good reason to linger in the clearance aisles at your local hardware store.


 Gift Wrapping Ideas
Thrift stores and antique malls are always full of old music.  Use some for making your gift one of a kind!!  This is just one of Country Living’s 13 Wrapping Ideas!!


Gift Wrapping Ideas
Great year-round, all-occasion
gift wrapping ideas ~ and materials ~ from Furochic.


Snow Man Hat Gift Wrap
“Frosty’s Hat” from… too cute and an idea that you could definitlely add your own style ~ imagine the top hat with a big turquoise silk ribbon and peacock feathers??


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