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A couple of months ago we took a few days and went to Branson, Missouri.  It was our FIRST official family trip with all five of us {me, the hubby & the 3 boys, of course}.  We stayed in a great cabin at The Wilderness 
{I highly recommend it if you are traveling that way}.

For those not familiar with Branson, it is the quintessential tourist town: bright lights, lots of dinner theater, amusement parks & miniature golf.  The terrain, however, is quite beautiful as it rises with rocky cliffs, then around the bend FALLS into deep, green valleys;
all with three large lakes that serve as a backdrop for the vacation homes and rustic resorts. 

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

I want to share with you  a wonderful store that I visited when we were there...  Located just 15 miles west of Branson, Rustic Timbers Furniture Co. sits in an unassuming strip center {in Kimberling City, Missouri} that belies the stunning mix of Rustic Style, Hand Made Furniture, and large selection of Animal Mounts, that makes this store well worth the trip!!

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

Bob and Carolyn Zell, a husband and wife team, and proprietors of Rustic Timbers Furniture Co., moved to Kimberling City from Maryland just 2 years ago.  With a mission to carve out a more simple life they migrated to Missouri because of the simple beauty that exudes from the clear water and rugged hills of Table Rock Lake where Kimberling City is located.  The kind nature of the people, and Missouri’s low cost of living, sealed the deal. 

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

Like the settlers of the Wild West, Bob and Carolyn Zell weren’t sure how they would spend their days once they landed in Missouri.  Bob had a backgroud in wood working but he had sold his tools with the hopes of finding a new passion.  It was on a search for a log bed for their son’s room that the Zells realized there was a need for a retail store specializing in log furniture in the Branson area.  Like other entrepreneurs they saw a need, found a location, and started to uncover the sources that could provide quality log furniture to
Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.. A STORE WAS BORN!!

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

Many of the Zell’s sources include local work shops. Like the Wagon Wheel Bed {ABOVE} which is hand-made locally with Amish-crafted wagon wheels. These can be custom ordered in any size.
Perfect for your Home on the Range!!

Another local craftsman made the hickory table {BELOW} for Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.  Designed with a black walnut top, this hickory table can also be custom ordered in any size.  A hickory pub table and chairs from a furniture builder in South Carolina
are also available options.

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

A specialty for Rustic Timbers is their quality line of TAXIDERMY.  As a hunting enthusiast, Bob Zell knows his animals and he hand picks every mount.  In addition to mounts Rustic Timbers also offers HIDES, including bobcat, coyote, bear, wolf, fox, skunk, otter, AND badger hides.  Bob has sources for even more so if you are searching for a new critter then be sure to give him a holler!!

With a great deal of custom work, clients from across the country, and complimentary design services, Rustic Timbers Furniture Co. has become a leader in Southern Missouri for quality rustic furniture. 

Rustic Timbers Furniture Co. is located at
11863 State Hwy 13 * Kimberling City, MO 65686 * 417.739.2605
Their winter hours are Tues – Sat, 10am – 6pm.

In the summer look for extended hours and also a free blue-grass concert by the band Missouri Boat Ride every other Saturday.  No website, yet but stay tuned and we’ll let you know once they have a site up and running. 
I can’t wait!!  Thanks, Carolyn!!

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2 thoughts on “FEATURED STORE: Rustic Timbers Furniture Co.

  1. Pony Girl

    I would love that store!! Great stuff. I’m a huge fan of anything antlers! :)
    The people I catsit for have been to Branson. They are retired and must enjoy all of the fun things to do there.

  2. lisa cody

    My fiancie and I stopped into this shop on our way to Branson and what a treat it was. This shop has everything to offer the rustic,back wooods, cabin type person. Their furniture is beautiful. Beds, dining room tables, bed room furniture is the most original that we have seen. The prices???? well all I can say is: you get what you pay for! You won’t find these items any where this close to Arkansas or Missouri. Just stop in and you will walk out of there with the purchase of a life time. We can’t wait until we can go back, with out order to be filled.Thats right, just tell them what you want and they can build it just the way YOU want it. In my book, they are like walmart, they have everything I need.

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