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Faux Bois (fō bwah) ~ French for simulated wood; refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media.

Domesticites by Pilar Viladas

{Image ABOVE from the book Domesticities: At Home with The New York Times Magazine by Pilar Viladas)

When a modern space with a simple palette is marked with a rustic twist, I often wonder what the motivation might be for the designer.  TEXTURE?  SURPRISE?  An authentic affection for RUSTICITY?  There has been a definite trend for such timber-inspired products the last few years, commonly referred to as Faux Bois.

Faux Bois Fabric from Fabric.comFaux Bois Fabric from Williams Sonoma

I particularly LOVE the idea of Faux Bois Fabric.  Slip covers for Parsons Chairs, in either of the fabrics ABOVE {these are from & WS Home}, would be grand.  They would be a great way demonstrate our love for all things RUSTIC, while still being functional slip covers that could be washed.  Such chairs would be especially delightful around a modern tablePerfect for the urban dwellers who love to get back to nature!!

Faux Bois Pillow from

Etsy offers a large supply of Faux Bois products that will bring you love for the outdoors into your home.  The pillows {ABOVE} are particularly fun ~ especially in  a basement or COWPOKE room!!  Click HERE for the pillows * Click HERE for the Faux Bois Earrings below…  Love ‘em!!

Faux Bois Earrings from

There are no restrictions on the uses of Faux Bois, I have seen it’s pattern on everything from velvet ribbon to concrete floors. Even Pottery Barn found it to be a beneficial addition to outdoor style. BTW ~ the hip Faux Bois doormats BELOW are NOW ON SALE for only $14.99. snap.

Faux Bois Doormat

Faux Bois VaseWhether you fill these Faux Bois VASES with flowers, or leave them empty, they are quintessential RUSTIC and BEAUTIFUL.  GOD’S DETAILS, HIS PRECISION IN NATURE, CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, BUT IT IS WHAT MAKES RUSTIC SO PERSONALLY APPEALING FOR ME. These vases are available from LAMPS PLUS, as are the quirky and delightful silk LAMP SHADES {BELOW}… Love ‘em!!

Faux Bois Lamp Shades

Last weekend I worked with Lane & Nancy {their home will be the first in our OPEN HOUSE Series which will be online tomorrow ~ you’re going to LOVE it}.  Anyway, on their sun porch Lane & Nancy have the wonderful outdoor furniture BELOW.  Available from, the Chatham Run Collection is even more lovely and practical in person than pictured below ~ and yet another fine example of Faux Bois…  Love it!!


Faux Bois Outdoor Furniture

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