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Here at the Cactus Creek Store we are having our annual Cowhide Sale… yesterday a gal came into the store and asked me what all I had with cowhide on it. I started thinking about all of the things you can get with cowhide ~ it’s never ending and I know that these are just a few of the items out there that people are creating using hides…

Cowhide Frame Bible Cover Pillow Ottoman and WALLPAPER
1. Cowhide Frame from West Elm
2. Cowhide Bible Cover from The Black Yak
3. Cowhide Wallpaper via Trove Interiors
4. Cowhide Pillow from Smith & Western
5. Cowhide Ottoman from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor

Cowhide Checkerboard Magazine Holder Wine Bag Coaster Toilet Seat
6. Cowhide Checkerboard Set
7. Cowhide Magazine/Towel Basket
8. Cowhide Wine Bag from The Marin Store
9. Cowhide Coasters from Frontier Outfitters
10. Cowhide Toilet Seat from Rods

Cowhide Valance Mirror Rug Boots
11. Cowhide Valance from H-M Valley Ranch Store
12. Cowhide Mirror from RW Ranch Furniture
13. Modern Cowhide Rug from Exotic Leathers on ETSY
14. Hair on Hide Lucchese Boots

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2 thoughts on “Cowhide GUIDE

  1. Paul

    Is there any place you can buy partial hides? I need some for drawer facings but not enough to merit a whole hide.

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