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We have been invited to a killer party this weekend… I’m so excited to dance around the pool, visit with friends, and enjoy a night under the stars with no kids!!  My only dilemma is that I don’t have a hostess gift, or in this case, a 40th Birthday gift… then I came across these aprons on Etsy.  JACKPOT!!  They are perfect… a unique gift with tons of panache, and also something my hostess may actually use sometime.  Now I just have to decide which one to order {and I guess deliver next week, oops!!}

Cowgirl Apron
Whoo Loves Paisley Apron from
whoolovesaprons on Etsy

Classic paisley with enough cowgirl style to make it sassy.


Cowgirl Apron
The Tad Apron from Cowgirl Goods on Etsy

This is such a sweet & simple little apron, it would make a great little uniform for retail or restaurant staff.  And of course I love the chocolate brown!!


Cowgirl Apron
Cowgirl Ruffled Apron from Dianne Designer Aprons on Etsy
June Cleaver meets Maureen O’Hara… flirty style, rustic colors and a kick of yee-haw.



Cowgirl Apron
Pin-Up Cowgirls from KC Retro Apparel

Why, this apron is just a little bit naughty… I like it.

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4 thoughts on “Cowgirl Apron… perhaps the perfect hostess gift??

  1. Marjorie

    Good Morning,
    Thank you for featuring my apron! I wish everyone could see it in person, it’s amazing. I make the aprons and Bridget from “tricks” them out. Together we call ourselves The Good Hearted Cowgirls. We are working on some other fun cowgirl wears.
    Happy Trails.

  2. Julia

    Those are sassy cute fun aprons! I’ve not seen them before and love them. I think I will have to make a trip over to the apron maker’s site and check them out for my self. Thanks.

    Also I have a few apron giveaways going on at my site The Apron Goddesses. :)

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