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BBQ and Boutiques

We had a great time at this event. It was the first time they had done it so there weren’t a ton of people, but the folks that showed up got it and loved it!!! BIG shout out to the show coordinators. This is a thankless job of organizing, marketing and praying. They were so kind with endless and delicious ice tea and consideration for the efforts of the vendors. Hopefully it will happen again and we can be there.

BBQ and Boutiques

My favorite new dress for fall  and this poncho…. #lovethis

BBQ and Boutiques

BBQ and Boutiques Lee's Summit MO Summit Pit BBQ

Come see the Cactus Creek Trailblazer on Saturday, October 22 2016 in Lee’s Summit MO!! Summit Hickory Pit BBQ will be hosting us along with other awesome boutiques, live music and DELICIOUS food!! We will have our usual mix of cowhide rugs, burlap, rusty letters, PLUS fall clothes, bags, and our $6 LEGGINGS!!!! woohoo. Map is HERE.

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