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COWHIDES… put them on the floor, on the wall, over a bannister.  Cover an ottoman, a pillow, or a light fixture… Mix them with ANY decor and it’ll add texture and personality to a space that needs some pizzazz..  We …


Back to School: Lunch Box GUIDE

Lunch Box GUIDE
Back to School means new shoes, back packs, rain coats, supplies, and of course, LUNCH BOXES.  The Lunch Box is a necessary accessory for kiddos and parents alike, especially with the trends toward eating lighter, spending less, and decreasing waste…


Merchandise GUIDE: Bathtubs

Gah ~ BATHROOMS.  The room you love to use as a hideaway, but hate to clean.  The one room you should be able to go to for privacy, but the kids always come knockin’.  The room that few …


2011 Calendar GUIDE

Happy 2011!!! May each and every day be full of small successes, tiny blessings and a whole bunch of peace.  It’s the small steps that gather up and make a big impact on your life and the lives of those