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LOVE to read… Lonny Magazine

Once upon a time there was a great design magazine called Domino.  During hard times, for one reason or another, the magazine folded.  The collective sobs could be heard around the country {and world} from Southern design offices, to …



With all of the crazy snow here in Weston MO we’ve had exactly ZERO customers in the store today… on the bright side I have filed, made phone calls, sent emails, and I can even see the top of my


Saddle Stands on ETSY

ETSY is known for the being THE place to go for handmade treasures. 
You can find items from all over the world ~ from knitted hats ~ to signed art ~ to upcycyled furniture.  Who knew that you could also


Turquoise GUIDE

I found a great bloggity blog called Ill Seen Ill Said that occasionally features “where we {bloggers} blog”… it was fun to look at all of the different desks & rooms where other women are working away on their …


Queenie is coming to KC!!

I’m sooo excited that Lisa McQueen {aka Queenie, aka the Mirror Queen} is coming to Kansas City this week to bring some VINTAGE LOVE!!

Vintage LOVE

Queenie is one of the great friends I have made while traveling to Round Top, Texas …


{Rustic * Western} Gourmet Gift GUIDE

Hard to believe the weekend is here yet again… this weekend we are having the whole family in town + a BIG party for the Aquarius birthdays on both sides of the family.  Basically we will eat, drink & be …



Not the kind of GREEN you’re thinking… the other day someone asked me my favorite color.  It’s green.  Any shade of green but especially cactus green {some people may call that puke green but I think it’s kind of special}