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winter grind

Usually a cold beer isn’t what you’re thinking about when the wind chill is below freezing.  But the Winter Grind from Mother’s Brewing Company is the perfect cold beer to warm you up from the inside – out.  And it’s just one of the many beers we are now offering from out newly installed beer market in Cactus Creek’s Main Street shop here in Weston Missouri.  Back to the Winter Grind + Mother’s Brewing Company and a couple of things you may not have known…

#1 Mother’s Brewing Company is located in Springfield, Missouri – just 3-ish hours from Cactus Creek in Weston, Missouri. There is a quiet revolution beginning for those of us that live in the Midwest. I’m actually a Texas girl so it takes a lot of powerful components for me to boldly proclaim that “MIDWEST IS BEST” but we really do have it going on here.  For starters, being in the middle means we can get to just about anywhere in the USA within a few hours by plane – and a day or so by car.  People who live in Maine don’t have those bragging rights.  Also in the Midwest we have all FOUR Seasons.  Sometimes all in one day we can go from clammy fog to a sunny afternoon to a night of frost #layers.  And then there is the pride folks have in their Midwest towns – and this is how Mother’s Brewing Company came to be.  Founder Jeff Schrag loved Springfield and was convinced they should have a craft brewery of their very own.  So with a lot of tenacity and loads of love, Mother’s came to be in 2009.  Catch the full story HERE.

#2 Winter Grind from Mother’s Brewing Company is a rich COFFEE Stout.  What does that mean?? Winter Grind is an English Stout beer {dark brown to pitch black in color + commonly with a roasted flavor}.  For this recipe Mother’s Brewing Company adds 1.5 obs of roasted-to-order espresso beans from Mudhouse Coffee to add to each barrel of beer.  This is where caffeine meets beer.

#3 Did you say beer WITH Caffeine??  So it’s less than a soda’s worth of caffeine but nonetheless, we’ve all had days that you need both beer and caffeine simultaneously.  And stat.

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