{SEPT 2014} obsessed

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Rustic Elegance
via Lonny

I came across these two images + keep going back and looking at them over and over and over… I’m obsessed with the palettes of textures + colors + style. Delicious.  What is your favorite thing about either …


{OCTOBER 2014} Cactus Creek at Restoration Emporium

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Cactus Creek at Restoration Emporium Kansas City's West Bottoms

Every First Friday weekend in Kansas City’s West Bottoms, over 20 old warehouses teeming with antique and vintage merchandise open to the public.  The Historic West Bottoms Business District is the original downtown of Kansas City, Missouri. These warehouses


{AUG 2014} VINTAGE Trumpet UPcyle Ideas

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Vintage Trumpet
At Cactus Creek we often have wonderful vintage instruments in our shop – like this wonderful vintage TRUMPET {above}.  This one actually plays quite well but if someone wants it for more than just tunes here are some clever …